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damn... [May. 16th, 2007|12:15 pm]
[where am i? |Work]
[feeling |apatheticapathetic]
[headphonez |sum 41 -- fat lip]

i havent written in here in forever...

life's been good... been in treatment... getting my life back to how it was before... my job is great! i love my friends... me and someone from my past are friends again which is nice... everything is good... but i still feel so.. apathetic... i dont know i'll get over the funk...

zachs big party is coming up on june 2nd... its going to be SUCH a blast!!! i cant wait! and i get to go to LA in 2 weeks and see alex! yay =)

so much! [Mar. 19th, 2007|01:01 pm]
[feeling |draineddrained]

omg so much has happened in just one short weekend!!!! i cant believe how my life changed completely in just two short days...

it's been forever [Mar. 16th, 2007|08:22 am]
[feeling |excitedexcited]

just started working at a new job about a month ago. it's awesome!! i love the people i'm working with! they're amazing... and unlike the old job where i was just sitting around doing nothing all day. this time i am actually busy all day long which makes the day go by sooo much faster! it sucks because the other job was funny working for the alcohol and drug admin. and this one is kinda boring sounding because its a water company but its still amazingly awesome! =) me and chris went out for a while and then we broke up. i've been feeling a little guilty about it because even though i am sad about it i feel like i should be a lot sadder. anyway this weekend is st pattys day!!! super excited because i know there are going to be some kick ass parties!!!! plus my friends are playing a show on sat =)... annnnd THE BOOZE OLYMPICS!!!!!!!!! coming in april in hayward!!!!!! omgomgomgomg i'm super excited! have to defend the trophy i won last year for drunk girl! haha

LAST DAY =(!!!!! [Nov. 3rd, 2006|01:23 pm]
[where am i? |work.. for the LAST TIME ever =(]
[feeling |thankfulthankful]

it's my last day of work today! last time i'll be sitting in this office chair... last time i will be writing in this journal at work =( ... last time i'll be drinking soooo many shots of expresso everyday... last time i get to see all the awesome people i work with... last time i'm going to get to do serious work gossip... last time i'm going to get to answer the phone and say "alcohol and drug administration" .... last time.

UGH i loooooove this job SO much! and it's being taken from me by someone who TOTALLY doesnt want to be here!!!

i'm bitter

this blows... and i'm tired... but other than that i'm having an ok day lol

survey because i'm super bored! [Nov. 2nd, 2006|07:20 pm]
[feeling |draineddrained]

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